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Steel Drum Songs on MP3 From The Island Boys

Liven Up Your Island Theme Party, or just relax with The Island Boys Steel Drum Mp3 Albums! Listen to steel drum versions of your favorite songs!

All songs are MP3 encoded at 256 K (CD Quality) so you can burn a CD, load the songe into your MP3 player or Windows Media Player, iPod, or do whatever you like with your Non-DRM album!

Steel Drum Songs on MP3 Most Requested Covers - 11 Songs

The hottest trend in steel drum, island and Reggae music now is cover tunes. You will all remember, UB-40's Red Red Wine, The way You Do The Things You Do & the Elvis cover "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You"

Now almost any tune can sound new and amazing, played on steel drums. The Island Boys will take the songs you grew up with and still love - to the islands! <go to album>



Steel Drum Songs on MP3 Caribbean Carnival - 9 Songs

This eclectic collection of original songs features Winston on lead vocal and keyboards. His son Joshua plays drums and steeldrums. The sounds from Nashville to Jamaica to Miami are thruout this father and son project.

The songs range from reggae to calypso to pop. The island tropical feel of this music reminds us all that life is good on the island. The Islandboys music take your heart to a warm place and puts your feet in the sand. <go to album>

Steel Drum History - How Steel Drums Came To Be

Steelpans, steel drums or pans
are not techinally classed as drums, but are members of the percussion instrument family. .evolved from the so called "Tamboo Bamboo" bands of  Trinidad & Tobago.

Theyoriginally played tunable bamboo sticks, a kind of poor man's marimba. In the beginning the instruments were truly made from discarded oil drums, but over time are becoming made to manufacturer specification or, at the least, cut from an real oil drum then specially plated.

FYI: "Since Pythagoras calculated the formula for the musical cycle of fourths and fifths, Steel Pans are the only instruments made to follow this configuration."

FYI: "The Trinidad All Steel Percussion Orchestra (TASPO), formed to attend the Festival of Britain in 1951, was the first steelband whose instruments were all made from oil drums."

......source - Wikipedia

From Drums to Tamboo Bamboo to Sweet Steel

"The first true "pan" to be used by bandsmen was the empty biscuit container. The next development in this intensely exiting period was the discovery that when one hammered a paint pan from the inside outward, leaving the bumps and hollows of the hammer, different sounds could be obtained. It was not long after that the length of the bent steel gave way to the pan that would produce simple melodies.

The Steel Drum instrument was invented on the Caribbean Island of Trinidad in 1946. Ellie Manette is recognized as the principal developer and innovator of the steel drum. As a youth, he fabricated instruments from discarded 55 gallon steel oil drums and is credited with bringing the art form out of social ostracism.

Since its creation, the steel drum has grown to a family of nine and comprise the only complete orchestral family created in the twentieth century. The voices produced by these instruments range from soprano to bass and have delighted thousands of people world-wide.

Today the art form continues to experience advancements as schools, community groups, world fairs, educational TV, amusement parks and performing arts programs play major roles in exposing these unique instruments to the world."